The Joys of Plancha Cooking

One of the joys of Plancha Cooking, or griddle cooking as it is more commonly known in the US, is the social aspect. The wood-fired feature of the Plancha brings your family and friends together to relax in the sights, sounds and smells of the food and embers in a way that no gas-fired griddle can compete with. 

Cooking on a Bracken Brothers Plancha Grill will turn grilling into cooking in the round. Your guests may want to watch the cook or they will want to participate and cook part of their own meal. 

Whether you like to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon, or you want to perfect the perfect char and sear on your favorite protein or vegetable, the Bracken Brothers Wood Fired Plancha Grills elevate griddle cooking to an outdoor social experience that everyone can enjoy.

The Plancha with the low base can be used for cooking and for a fire pit while the taller bases allow for comfortable tabletop cooking similar to a Teppanyaki grill.  All Bracken Brothers Plancha Grills are designed so that the cooking oils will season the grill surface over time and excess oils are captured in the fire pit.


Bracken Brothers Plancha Grills are designed with style and safety in mind. The unique double-wall firebox design prevents the outside wall, the part the user or passerby may encounter, from getting excessively hot. It also allows for better airflow into the fire basket and makes for a much cleaner fire with less smoke. The versatile design of the griddle converts into a fire pit so that you can enjoy your Plancha Grill before and after the meal preparation. A built-in ash dump is standard on our Plancha Grills.  As always, keep safety in mind at all times and never leave children unattended around a fire. 

A dual-zone cooking area is yet another unique feature of the Bracken Brothers Plancha Grills. The flat-top circle grill technology features two distinct heat zones for better cooking control. You will see that the corners remain much cooler than the center ring. This creates a place to warm your foods, keep your sauces hot, and rest your coffee.  


Cooking on one of our Planchas, outside under the sky over a live fire offers a relaxing social experience for you and for your guests with the added pleasures of searing and grilling. The stylish design of the Bracken Brothers Grill Company Plancha Grills creates a statement piece of art. Visit our store for accessories, recipes, and cookbooks to learn how to make the most of your live-fire griddle experience. 

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